From Japan to Thailand : Greatest Idol + Secret Base By CDJapan

[Thai Version]

Hello world! My name is Phantip and this is my first blog in English language. :)

Today I want to share my CDJapan shopping experience and review my 2 albums, Greatest Idol and Secret Base.

CDJapan Shopping Experience

I bought Greatest Idol album on CDJapan last year. And 2 weeks ago, Secret Base album. is my favorite online shop for ordering Japan stuff because their website is 100% English support and easy to use.

It took me just 1 minute to register. After that I can buy whatever I want, just need a few clicks on my PC or smartphone.

CDJapan (1)

CDJapan accepts Credit Cards, PayPal, and other payment options. You can also calculate the price in your currency as well. And for music lover, they have sample song for you! ^ ^/

They have 7 different shipping methods for delivery your order to all parts of the world. I choose EMS because I can track my parcel online.

CDJapan (3)

You’ll get an Email when you ordering and when they shipped your order. You can also contact them if you need help.

By the way I’ve contact them about Credit Card status and they reply my mail within 1 day! I was impressed. ;)

1 more thing, when your order is shipped or you place your order on the month of your birthday, you’ll get the point for use them as discounts.

Greatest Idol Limited Edition : Mitchie M First Album

Last year I review this album in Thai language and my blog was getting lots of traffic because Mitchie shared it to his fans. Thank you again. ^ ^

Greatest Idol (3)

It is the biggest music album in my life and I like it. Ha ha.

Greatest Idol (1)

Greatest Idol is the first album of Mitchie M, my favorite Vocaloid producer, featuring Hatsune Miku. ^ ^/

Greatest Idol (4)

This album is made of good quality cardboard. [I think.]

Greatest Idol (5)

Greatest Idol (6)

This album includes 13 popular songs such as..

Freely Tomorrow

 Ageage Again [Project Mirai 2 Theme]

Viva Happy [My Favorite Song ^ ^/]

Greatest Idol (7)

It comes with 1 CD [music], 1  DVD [8 music video] and booklet [lyrics].

Greatest Idol (8)

It available on CDJapan [3900 Yen] and iTunes Japan [2000 Yen].

Secret Base [12 Years After Special Package]

Secret Base (1)

Secret Base is “Anohana” ending theme.

Secret Base (2)

Anohana is my favorite anime about childhood friends that drift apart after Memma, one of their friend dies in an accident.

10 years after, Memma appears and asks Jintan about her wish that she can’t remember.


So, Jintan and his friend meet again for make Memma wish come true.

Secret Base (3)

This album comes with big size cardboard.

Secret Base (4)

A platter? o_O!!!

Secret Base (5)

Secret Base (6)

Ah.. It’s just the big CD package. :P

Secret Base (7)

It comes with Secret Base song in 4 version.

1. 10 years after Ver.

2. Momento mori Ver.

3. Summernoise Ver.

4. those dizzy days Ver.

You can also listen the sample version here.

This special package album cost 1500 Yen.

Feel free to comment.  :)